Diont’e Visible

Rest assured Diont’e Visible isn’t your average emcee. He values lyricism above all else when it comes to his music and conceptualizes freely as he paints the canvas his own blend of color. With a philosophical view point, his aim in his music is to present a multifaceted interpretation to the minds eye while still delivering a clear message that’ll make work of the cogs grinding in ones head. He first started rapping when he was 16 after hearing his brother win a poetry contest. He figured he’d take a crack at writing and when he did, it formed into rap. “Digital.Man.Visual EP” was his first project released and can be found on all streaming sources available.

Diont’e Visible also produces and plays the bass guitar, being his main conduit(aside from rapping) of musical outlet. He has multiple projects in the works with some very talented artist and is constantly creating new avenues to build his art form. At this point in time you can catch him on the southeast Michigan scene performing at local venues with his band “Speak Mahogany”.“Mr.Mime” album coming soon.

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